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Photo by Zoe Larkin Photography

Photo by Zoe Larkin Photography


Creatives’ legal resource


There are so many great ethics rules for lawyers about how they can communicate with potential clients, and the public. I respect these rules and I think it’s a great protection for the public. Still, I believe education is important and sound information should be shared.

CLR is an educational platform to share information about running a creative small business. Though I am an attorney, at CLR, I’m just a normal person, not giving legal advice, but good advice and opinions. This is also a great resource for creatives who are just starting their business or aren’t financially ready to invest in a relationship with a lawyer.

I’m thrilled to offer workshops, and online office hours to reach a wider audience!

This is not the place to people seeking legal advice or need help on a specific/confidential issue. You should speak with an attorney barred in your state or contact me at Desiree Nguyen Legal if you’re in California.

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Desirée Nguyen Orth

Lawyer, photographer, mother of cats and boy. I’m passionate about podcasts, skin care, and standing up for the little guy. I get excited about creating beautiful things— sometimes that’s images, and sometimes that business protections (I’m dead serious). Because the thing that I don’t like the most is fighting petty people in court based on a bad contract. That, and spiders.

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